’Adret de Cornillac lies in the midst of the mountains of northern Provence. The house and cottages are perched 800 meters high on the south facing slope (L’adret) of an unspoilt little valley way off the beaten tracks. They enjoy outstanding views of the spectacular wild landscape and are located 9 kilometers from the next little village and 40 kilometers from the next little town, Nyons, the centre of the french olive growing region. Peace and quiet, sunshine, fresh torrents, virgin nature… it is an ideal location, where one can slow down, relax, recharge ones whole being and also discover a beautiful lesser known part of the Provence.
hough wonderfully secluded, L’Adret de Cornillac is within easy reach of a number of spectacular natural landmarks and historical places.
The big group-room (80 m²) makes L’Adret de Cornillac particularly suitable for small groups of up to 20 people, who want to concentrate on a common activity (dance, theatre, yoga, corporate events, group-therapy, business conference) or just have fun together. The old provencial farm house has been lovingly restored and the separate cottages and the group room have been added. We can accommodate any number from 1 to 20 people because it is possible to rent the Old House, the cottages and even some of the single sleeping rooms separately. The houses are available for rental on a self-catering basis but we are offering fully catered accommodation for groups of 16 people or more.
Claire et Frank Höfer - F-26510 Cornillac - Tél.: 00 33 4 75 27 85 63
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