he provencial climate is famous for its sun, shining, on average, 300 days per year, even so, in our mountains it rarely becomes too hot.
Walnut groves border on lavender fields. Corn-fields are lying between quince-tree plantations, apricots and cherries. Flocks of sheep and goat are grazing on the more barren slopes. Big areas are untouched and their virgin nature gives shelter to rare species of plants, insects and other animals. Guests who want to do more than resting and relaxing can step directly out of the door of their cottage and start walking along comfortable small dirt-roads under pine trees and beeches; they can stroll leisurely through broom, juniper and wild box, along meadows between mountain pinks, thyme and wild lavender or follow stony creek beds. Higher up they can hike along crests which seem to extend to the horizon and climb up rocky slopes. Or they may prefer to ride their mountain-bike along the small roads on which so few cars drive, offering the opportunity of exerting bicycle-tours.
ituated 8 km drive from the House there is a little lake for swimming and between 15 and 45 minutes drive one finds beautiful little mountain-streams with clear pools and small waterfalls.
’Adret is also well situated for visiting a wide range of sites: centuries old olive oil presses and a museum on olives, distilleries, which produce essential oils from lavender or other aromatic herbs, traditional vineyards, romanic churches, medieval villages, the colourful provencial markets … And it also provides a good base for day trips to places reminding of the rich past of the Provence: roman excavations (Vaison la Romaine, Orange), medieval citadels, monasteries (like Sénanque or Ganagobie), towns like Avignon etc...
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